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Sumergeme - Shepherd » Musica Cristiana - La Mejor Musica Cristiana 2022 Cancion de Shepherd, Musica Cristiana Gratis para empezar el dia Bendecidos, Hermosas Alabanzas y Adoracion para Adorar a Dios Padre todo Poderoso.

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Sumergeme - Shepherd Lyrics

Spreading propaganda
Polluting the world
Masters of deceit
Controlling the horde
Preaching its time
To fall on your knees
Invading their minds
Destroying their needs
Stop the lies - Nail it to the cross
Give up your vows - Nail it to the cross
Show them no mercy - Nail it to the cross
Last legacy of god -Nail it to the cross
The damage is done
Through the years
Cracking the bodies
By all means - Serving fear
Normal back then - Fuck you all
You won't do it again
Revenge is approaching
You wait for it to come
Suck in your pride - And let it be done
Years of decadence - Wiped out in a day
Religion it seems - The curse of today

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