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Cara A Cara - Shepherd » Musica Cristiana - La Mejor Musica Cristiana 2022 Cancion de Shepherd, Musica Cristiana Gratis para empezar el dia Bendecidos, Hermosas Alabanzas y Adoracion para Adorar a Dios Padre todo Poderoso.

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Cara A Cara - Shepherd Lyrics

Haven't found a way to stop spinning round in circles
Since you came my way to weave your magic spell
It's only been a couple days and I'm spinning round in circles
Feet high off the ground wondering if you'll let me love you
My bruised heart's no fool for love
So why this game, you fates above
We could spend our days spinning round and round in circles
Moving with the earth as we'd watch the world go
Let's spin a new love, weave it round til we're encircled
What a lovely way this dance of life could be
But I guess I'll be alone spinning round inside this circle
Hoping for a day when you'll start spinning too
I'm woven in this love and can't seem to break the circle
What a lovely way this dance life could be

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